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Escape The Roomers Review

Delighted to say we have received another amazing professional review from Escape The Roomers! Please go check it out! Here is a little taste:

You’ve been asked to visit a typical Barber’s shop in a quiet village outside of Reading. On arrival, you are instructed to ask for a very specific item, and upon doing so, one of the staff will see to your request. There’s a special room out the back where they will take you, and once in there then the real truth emerges. There have been a number of men coming to the barber’s for an appointment, but are then reported as missing. The shop manager is out, thankfully, as this colleague has very strong suspicions that not all is as it seems. The men have been seen coming into this room with the manager, but no-one can recall seeing them leave. Forgetful staff? Some sort of secret back exit? Or something more sinister? This colleague has had no joy working it out, and the manager will be back in an hour. Can you get to the bottom of the mystery before he returns?



  • This experience begins with Immediate immersion – you arrive and instead of saying you are here for the escape room as usual, you have to ask for a very specific item – and the member of staff you speak to will then sheepishly make sure you get to where you need to be. From when you arrive until you finish, all instructions including the usual directions about what to do and not to do are given in character, which adds to the immersion.
  • You walk through a real, working barber’s shop on arrival – and the room you are taken just seems like an extension of the shop – until you look closer…
  • There are a couple of clues in the first room that there is a similarity to the story of another infamous barber, but there isn’t a particularly strong resemblance to the theme, the room has its own style and very realistic decoration!
  • There was a great mix of puzzles – physical, code-breaking, using information found around the room as well as many, many locks of all types.
  • The puzzles are a mix of linear and non-linear as some items you find early on may not find a use for some time, and some need to be built up over time until complete. This was a nice touch.
  • Three puzzles in particular make great use of the most thematic devices in the room – and all three made us go “ohhhhhhhhh!!!” 🙂
  • Hints are given in keeping with the room and in character, and may be proffered to help you without asking, should you be on the right track but need a nudge.


  • Nothing! The room is great as you can see from all the above!
  • Note that this is an enthusiast owner’s first room and has been crafted, decorated and props provided on a budget – he has done a fantastic job considering this


Definitely! The room is not horror (as it is suitable for older children), or even that scary – it’s more about some gory detail later in the game, and a clever plot twist that ups the urgency which might give you a jump! Alex, the owner, happily told us about his origin story which you can read about on his website, and it clearly extremely proud and excited by his room – and we love the fact that he got the opportunity to create a great room in such an unusual venue! A wonderful first experience from Alex, who clearly thoroughly enjoys the role and seeing people enjoy his creation! Alex has a new room planned in a new location for the new year and we can’t to try it out!